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Premiere Suites is Canada's largest and most trusted provider of short-term rental homes, with spectacular executive suites in over 38 cities across the country.

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Much like Airbnb, we invite our valued guests to stay part time in fully-furnished homes at prices that suit their budget.

Unlike Airbnb, we make sure you get the best possible quality, every time, with rooms that are:

Professionally Designed

Professionally Designed

Carefully Decorated

Carefully Decorated



What We Offer

Executive Suites, Always

Executive Suites, Always

Staying in an affordable temporary home shouldn’t mean sacrificing your comfort.

When booking with platforms like Airbnb, you’re unfortunately faced with some unknowns; your stay could result in a high quality experience, but could just as likely result in disappointment with little recourse — perhaps arriving to a space that is small, stark, unsafe or even unclean.

Executive Suites, Always

Short Term Rentals With No Risk

When you book with Premiere Suites, you’re effectively eliminating the unknowns, as you are guaranteed a temporary home that boasts the professional accreditations and maintenance of a hotel room, with the local access of an Airbnb.

With professional design and furnishing services, you can expect a consistent, accommodating experience and a top quality living space, every time.

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Executive Suites, Always

Speak with a Professional

At Premiere Suites, we always have time to talk! Booking a home stay by filling out a form online doesn’t allow you to ask questions, to voice concerns or to make special requests for your short-term rental home. When you book with Premiere Suites, you’ll speak directly with one of our professional regional experts that will provide you with everything you need to know for your stay. Skip the online forms; we want to get to know YOU!

Contact us today at 1-877-246-4331 or fill out a client form!

Executive Suites, Always

Professional Management

Every Premiere Suites property is a privately and professionally-managed residence — rather than someone’s personal home, where you’ll have access to 24/7 guest support.

Premiere Suites ensures a secure and professional experience not guaranteed by an Airbnb host, so you can rest assured, knowing you’ll be taken care of by a provider who has been accredited, audited and insured for over 20 years.

Booking with Airbnb also means placing your trust in the cleanliness, management skills and reliability of an individual homeowner, where standards can vary greatly. On the other hand, booking with Premiere Suites means placing your trust in the proven hands of industry professionals who are trained to create a comfortable home stay experience and who are on-call 24/7 to offer their support.

Executive Suites, Always

Bi-Weekly Housekeeping

Their version of clean might not be your version of clean.

When you’re staying at a short term rental, a corporate rental or a vacation rental, you don’t want to worry about housekeeping. With Airbnb, you’ll forego the convenience of a professional housekeeping staff, relying instead on the cleaning skills of the individual homeowner, who may only perform a small initial tidy up prior to your arrival.

At Premiere Suites, we offer professional bi-weekly cleaning services to keep your temporary home feeling completely stress-free. Prior to your arrival and then every two weeks, or more frequently upon request, our professional cleaning staff will come to your temporary suite to ensure your living space is thoroughly clean and tidy.

As well as enjoying a tidy space, you will also be provided with clean linens on the beds and fresh towels in the washroom. All you have to do is focus on relaxing!


  • Complimentary wifi, cable and free local calls

    With complimentary Wi-Fi and cable, guests can stay fully connected online and enjoy unlimited access to free local calling.

  • Pet-friendly rentals

    Travelling with pets? At Premiere Suites, we love hosting all of your furry friends! Learn more about our pet-friendly rental homes, available upon request and availability.

  • Designated workspaces

    Unlike Airbnb, Premiere Suites rental homes guarantee guests the luxury of a designated workspace to support any workload – just like home!

  • Gym facilities*

    Enjoy your executive stay by taking advantage of the many suite amenities including quality gym facilities and luxury swimming pools.

  • Television areas, dining areas and living rooms

    Premiere Suites short-term rentals have all the comforts of home, including spaces for dining and relaxing as well as designated television areas.

  • Fully-equipped kitchens

    Enjoy the luxury of a fully-equipped, five-piece kitchen, featuring full-sized, stainless steel appliances and granite or marble countertops.

  • Ensuite/on-site laundry

    With ensuite and on-site laundry availability, guests never have to go far to access stainless steel washer and dryer appliances.

*Not a guaranteed feature for all Premiere Suites properties

Complimentary wifi, cable and free local calls Pet-friendly suites Designated workspaces Television areas, dining areas and living rooms Gym facilities* Fully-equipped kitchens Ensuite Laundry*