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Discover the short term rental for your lifestyle & your budget

Whether you’re in search of a luxury rental, or a furnished apartment rental equipped with just the essentials - know that every single one of our properties are clean, welcoming, fully furnished and offer a comfortable, home-like atmosphere with 24/7 support.


Discover Convenience

All Premiere Suites' short term rentals and long term rentals are located in well-appointed buildings in proximity to shopping, restaurants, amenities, transportation and entertainment.


Stay with Confidence

Whether you opt for an executive rental, or the essential product - you’ll stay with confidence knowing that ALL of our short term rentals are professionally maintained, accredited, audited and insured.


To best meet your needs, Premiere Suites offers two tiers of short term rentals.





Our Essential Suites are simply that, all the essentials for a balanced lifestyle at an accessible price point.

You’ll open the door to your furnished short term rental to discover up to 200sq feet more space than an average hotel room. The kitchen will be equipped and ready for use, there will be clean linens on the bed, fresh towels in the bathroom, along with complimentary wifi, cable, bi-weekly professional housekeeping services and 24/7 support.

For a complete list of Essential Product features, please see the chart below.





Our Executive Suites set the benchmark for executive rentals in Canada.

Located in beautiful, Class A buildings, each professionally designed executive rental is unique and unmatched.

You will be welcomed into an impressive lobby and fantastic building amenities to enhance your lifestyle throughout your stay.

You’ll then open the door to your Executive rental to discover a spacious living area, high-quality furnishings, and premium finishes. Your fully equipped kitchen will feature full-sized stainless-steel appliances along with granite or marble counter tops.

You’ll also appreciate the in-suite laundry facilities, complimentary bi-weekly professional housekeeping, and 24/7 support.

 For a complete list of Executive Rentals Product features, please see the chart below.




Essential Suites
Executive Suites

Central, High-Demand Locations

4-Star Residential Buildings & Properties

At least 200-Sq Feet Larger than a Hotel Room

Fully Equipped 5-Piece Kitchen

Dedicated Workspace

Complimentary WiFi, Cable & Local Calling

Professionally Designed & Maintained

24/7 Guest Support

High Quality Comfortable Beds

Freshly Laundered Sheets & Towels

Bi-Weekly Housekeeping

Standard Appliances & On-Premise Laundry

Stainless Steel Appliances & In-Suite Laundry

Access to Shared building Amenities eg: Pool, Gym, Meeting Rooms

Dining Table Seating for min. 4 people

Breathtaking Views

Impeccable Finishes & Decor

Premiere Suites is Canada's largest provider of fully furnished luxury rentals, boasting over 1,300 exquisitely furnished executive rentals across Canada - where you’ll discover what it means to travel while honoring your lifestyle and your budget. Get in touch today and learn more about our luxury rentals, and short term rentals.